Say goodbye to diapers -- without all the tears!

Peaceful Potty Training is a potty training course that will give you the step-by-step guide from a child development expert to get your child from diapers to underwear, gently and effectively.

Potty Training Course Materials
$27 price with $49 slashed out
Purchase Peaceful Potty Training for $27!

Many Potty Training Methods are Forceful and Set Many Children up for Failure. The Truth is that Potty Training is NOT One Size Fits All!

Are you tired of wondering, "Will I ever be able to stop buying diapers?"

But you don't want to have weeks and weeks of potty training power struggles and accidents that stress you and your child out.

Have you ever asked yourself, "Is there a better way?"

I've been there too. As a veteran preschool teacher and mom of 3, I have tried it all!

For a long time, potty training was stressful, and I hated it!

Each day a child wasn't potty trained felt like a failure on my part.

I thought that if I was committed enough that potty training would happen. But the accidents kept happening instead.

It was getting us nowhere. Other than frustrated and stressed out.

Potty training felt like dragging children through the mud.

Just looking at the bathroom triggered anxiety and dread.

I wanted a potty training method with lots of high fives and smiles. Not one that ended with one of us in tears or hating the bathroom.

I knew in my heart that potty training should be an exciting and positive milestone.

Not the finish line to a grueling battle...

Skip the Potty Training Methods that Make your Life Harder!

Get Peaceful Potty Training so that you can partner with your child for success and grow closer together.

Peaceful Potty Training will give you the tools to potty train your child by combining gentle methods with your child's own unique abilities and personality.

Potty Training Course Materials
$27 price with $49 slashed out

Here's what you'll get:

  • Peaceful and positive strategies that empower children and help bypass accidents, regression, and resentment.
  • The Potty Training Skills Path so you know exactly when your child is ready for underwear and the skills they needed to become independent in the bathroom.
  • A printable Potty Training Kit for your child so that he or she will be excited to use the bathroom.
  • A personality guide so you can figure out what best motivates your child and how to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Tried and True Helpful Potty Training Phrases so that you know exactly what to say to your child to encourage him or her.
  • A Potty Training Schedule based on science so your child will learn to listen to their body and use the bathroom at the time that's best.

Create Potty Training Moments that Increase Trust and Happiness.

Potty Training Guide next to coffee

Once I started using the gentle methods from Peaceful Potty Training, the stress of potty training melted away.

I was able to enjoy the process instead of worrying constantly. We were all happier!

Peaceful Potty Training will give you the tools to confidently potty train your child and strengthen your relationship at the same time.

Plus, you're going to skip weeks and weeks of accidents and power struggles that so many other potty train methods cause.

There's no need to rearrange your life or block out days to potty train. You can potty train now and weave it into your current schedule.

See Peaceful Potty Training in Action!

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How will Peaceful Potty Training Help You?

Remove the guesswork and mystery in potty training and do it the smart way!


Potty Training Guide Book for Peaceful Potty Training

Your guide to all things potty training:

  • The step by step guide to potty training your child gently and effectively
  • Answers to all your questions on potty training so you can do it right the first time
  • Strategies that work for all ages but won't stress you or your child out


Potty training kit for kids

The Potty Training Visual Schedule Kit that kids love!

  • Get your child excited to go to the bathroom
  • Help everyone get on the same page
  • Know the best time for your child to use the bathroom, based on science


Skills Path title page

The Skills Path tells you what skills your child needs to learn to make potty training a success!

  • Know exactly when your child is ready for underwear and skip unnecessary accidents
  • Work on the skills that help your child become independent in the bathroom
  • Track where your child is and skip the guesswork

Get Peaceful Potty Training Now to Make Potty Training a Success!

Peaceful Potty Training screens
$27 price with $49 slashed out
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Peaceful Potty Training is potty training smarter, not harder!

  • Finally, stop stressing out about the crazy schedules and expectations of other potty training methods. I've already been there and done that so you don't have to!
  • Get your child EXCITED about going to the bathroom rather than dreading it. No need to use timers or constantly nag them.
  • Fit Potty Training into your current schedule. No need to constantly rearrange your life to potty train or to get pee all over your floors and furniture. Accidents are rare in Peaceful Potty Training.
  • Empower your child and help them become independent. You won't be the one doing all the work here that other methods require. Enjoy being the fun, peaceful parent!

What are you waiting for?!
Start using Peaceful Potty Training now!

And, your child will be getting a fun, not-stressed-out parent or caregiver.

$27 price with $49 slashed out

Don't Potty Train by Yourself. Help is Here!

I'm Katie, and I help families potty train without all the stress.

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With a degree in Early Childhood Education and over 15 years of experience teaching hundreds of children, I've been able to put many teaching methods to the test. But I was left feeling disappointed when I saw firsthand that popular training methods were failing so many of my students.

I was sick and tired of using methods that were stressful, traumatic, and caused more work. As a child development expert, I knew that there could be a better way. Peaceful Potty Training became my potty training gold standard because it worked for all of my students.

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Take a Closer Look...

Potty Training Course Materials

With this step-by-step system, your child will succeed in potty training!

Here's what you'll love about this potty training course:

  • Video, audio, and written lessons that teach you the strategies that work best for children.
  • The code to understanding your child's potty training personality to help motivate and support him or her.
  • A win-win success story because you empowered your child without resentment or fear.

You'll Love Peaceful Potty Training Because...

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See the hard work your child has accomplished and know exactly what to work on next. You will know exactly when your child is ready for underwear.

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Get everyone on the same page about potty training with a system that doesn't require burdening any parent, caregiver, or child.

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Want to know what a professional would say during those hard moments? I give you my best phrases to smooth out those times.

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Your child will be so excited to have their very own potty training chart that they get to use. Plus, it will be teaching them at the same time!

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Who is Peaceful Potty Training For?

You'll LOVE this if:

  • Other potty training methods have failed you or stressed you out
  • You want to potty train without forcing or nagging
  • You are flexible and want to involve your child

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want an instant and intense potty training program
  • You are willing to potty train at all costs
  • You want to take charge of the potty training process
Customer Testimonial


This is a crazy good deal. Is this just a one-time purchase?

Yes, it's one low price! My main priority is to help parents find the best potty training method for their child. Keep in mind that 1) The low price is only for a very limited time, and 2) I want you to start using Peaceful Potty Training right away so that you start off on the right foot and avoid the pitfalls that so many parents fall into! 

When can I start using Peaceful Potty Training?

Peaceful Potty Training can be used for children of any age! You'll learn when your child is ready for underwear with the Skills Path and you will be able to introduce potty training and help your child learn other important foundations until you reach that point.

How will I get the product after I purchase?

You will get access to the course in your email.

What all comes with the purchase?

This is a digital course with videos, PDFs, audio files, and text. Nothing will be mailed to you. Any PDFs will be printed by you on your own printer.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer a happiness guarantee
for Peaceful Potty Training. If you are
not happy with your purchase, just
email us for a refund and we will do so.

30 Day Refund Policy


Buy Peaceful Potty Training Risk-Free with our 30 Day Refund Policy.

Bring Peace and Calm to Potty Training

Peaceful Potty Training screens

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Peaceful Potty Training!

  • Step-by-step video, audio, and written lessons
  • Potty Training Guidebook
  • Potty Training Skills Path
  • Potty Training Schedule Kit for Kids
  • Helpful Potty Training Phrases

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